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Scoold is the most efficient way to share knowledge within your team or organization. Quickly deploy Q&A/forum/knowledge base/customer support for your team.

Get a Scoold Pro server up and running in minutes, without worrying about deployment, maintainance or scaling.

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€ 49


Unlimited users

1 node running Scoold Pro

Subdomain + SSL

Data encryption at rest

Email support

€ 79


Unlimited users

2 nodes in a load-balanced cluster

Subdomain + SSL

Data encryption at rest

Email support

€ 129


Unlimited users

Up to 4 nodes in a load-balanced cluster

Subdomain + SSL

Data encryption at rest

Email support

Every Scoold server requires a Para app for storing data. If you don't have one already, you can purchase Para app credits for €25/app, per month.

Billing is on a monthly basis. Annual billing is also available - pay 10 months and get 2 months free. The prices don't include European Union VAT (not applicable to customers outside the EU).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free plan?

No, but you can try out the service for 14 days (no credit card required).

What are app credits and do I need to buy them?

For each server you want to deploy, you will need to purchase a server credit. Similarly, if you need a hosted Para app for your server, you will need to purchase one app credit as well. You don't have to buy app credits if already have a Para app hosted somewhere. Scoold integrates with so you can manage your servers and apps with a single account.

Where is my Scoold Pro server going to be hosted?

Scoold Pro servers are hosted on the AWS cloud.

Which AWS regions are available?

You can choose to have your Scoold Pro server cluster deployed in any one of the 20 EC2 regions, in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

How can I configure my hosted Scoold Pro server?

With the help of a wizard in the admin console. You can edit the entire Scoold configuration file right inside your browser. There's also a web API for configuring and deploying your hosted Scoold Pro server.

Which OAuth client authentication methods are supported?

All authentication methods supported by Scoold Pro are available, including SAML, LDAP, OAuth 2.0 and custom authentication with JWTs.

Do I need to buy a Scoold Pro license in order to use Scoold Cloud?

No, you don't. License fees, as well as hosting fees, are included in the price of Scoold Cloud.

Do I need to run my own Para server to store data for my Scoold Cloud servers?

Not at all - our cloud-based Para service is integrated in Scoold Cloud. But you are free to do that if you need to.

Which Scoold Pro server version am I going to get?

Typically the latest stable version of Scoold Pro. Upgrades will be handled by us, transparently to you and with zero service downtime.

What support is included in the subscription?

Basic email support and online chat.

What is the billing cycle?

Usage is billed every month, according to the number of running Scoold Pro servers for the period.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

Yes, we do. You can enter a VAT number on checkout or in the billing portal (Account > My Subscription).


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